Tilden Hooper

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Carthage, TX

5-time WNFR Qualifier

3rd Place - 2018 World Standings

Tilden was the Hood County Stampede's 2018 bareback champion. He has had an impressive career since joining the PRCA in 2006. Qualifying for the Wrangler NFR 5 times thus far. He finished 3rd in 2018 with the world standings. 


After 8 years riding professionally he had to pull back after his 2014 season due to severe injury in his neck. After having surgery and fighting hard to get back to the top, Tilden has been looking stronger than ever gauging by his winning 2018 season. We are proud to call him a friend and a supporter of the Stampede. We look forward to having him back this year. 

Check out Tilden's resume here

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