What began as one man’s mission to fill a void within the community has evolved into a volunteer-run nonprofit that hosts first-class events to support the Hood County Stampede mission. This includes an annual family-friendly rough stock rodeo at Reunion Grounds, the most beautiful spot overlooking Granbury, TX.


When a local Hood County family was enduring a difficult time, both emotionally and financially, when their child became severely ill, Hood County Stampede founder and President, Wes Stevenson, enlisted the help of the community to support this family. However, he kept running into a common roadblock. Many organizations had the giving heart but had their hands tied because there wasn’t a 501(c)3 nonprofit to give to. However, to this lifelong cowboy, a minor impediment is just an opportunity to readjust and keep riding...


Wes viewed this as an opportunity to do better and be better for the community. With ranching and rodeo being Wes’s livelihood for the last three decades, a charity rodeo seemed like the perfect fit. He enlisted business banker and good friend Jeffrey Ross (whose now on HCS board of directors) to help with the paperwork, planning, and making an official 501(c)3.

Thanks to the right contacts and strong relationships they had on speed dial, the two of them began roping in everyone they knew, from longtime rodeo friends to local business and community leaders. Even City Manager Chris Coffman, Police Chief Mitch Galvan, and State Representative Mike Lang showed support. Everyone’s hard work helped launch the inaugural event in just three months in 2017.

The Hood County Stampede has become a welcomed addition to the Hood County community and has since evolved into hosting multiple events each year to help raise money for local children charities and different scholarship needs while educating and preserving the cowboy way of life.