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Tips & Tricks for a Fun Experience at The Hood County Stampede

It’s rodeo time! The Hood County Stampede Xtreme Bareback Charity Rodeo is just around the corner, and whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned Stampede fan, we’ve got some handy tips to make sure you have a fantastic time. From parking strategies to comfort hacks, here’s some key things you need to know to maximize your fun at the Stampede.

Hood County Stampede Xtreme Bareback Charity Rodeo sign

1. Car Pooling: A Parking Pro Tip

Parking can be a bit tight, especially as the event fills up. Once the lots are full, according to the fire marshall, we will have to shut the gates to all new walk-up guests looking to buy tickets at the gate. If you can, carpooling is highly recommended. Not only will you save on gas, but you’ll also ensure a smoother entry and exit from the venue, giving space to more guests which equates to more proceeds for our beneficiary.

2. Stay For The After-Party & Skip The Bottleneck

With our anticipation of a sold out event, there is sure to be a mass exodus of cars trying to vacate the premises. Skip the long car lines and stick around for some live music entertainment. We will have a mobile stage setup towards the entry gate at the end of the rodeo. Our rodeo clown Robbie Hodges, local artist Ryan Payne, Nick Grant, and others will be playing live music for you to enjoy. Dance, listen, relax, socialize, pop a top, and let the parking lot clear out. You might even get a few autographs for the kids from some of our NFR athletes.

3. Bring Seat Pads or Small Chairs

The main bleachers are made of concrete, which might not be the most comfortable seating for extended periods. You can bring seat pads, sit-upons, or small chairs that won’t obstruct the view or impede the space of other guests. Your backside will thank you, and you’ll enjoy the rodeo in greater comfort.

View of the crowd in the bleachers at the Hood County Stampede

4. Refreshments: BYO Cooler and Vendor Delights

We’ve lined up a great selection of food and shopping vendors for you. Our facilities will not be selling alcohol, but you’re welcome to bring your own refreshments if you purchase the BYO Cooler ticket for $20. This allows you to bring a cooler with any refreshments you like—just remember, NO GLASS PERMITTED for the safety of our animals and guests. Coolers will be checked at the gate, so pack accordingly!

5. Lighting: Navigate the Night with Ease

Our team saw the need last year to make our parking areas more illuminated. Therefore, our lot will have tower lights this year. However, some farther back areas might still be quite dark after sundown. If you’re parked towards the back, a small flashlight could be invaluable for finding your way to your vehicle at the end of the night.

6. Mobility and Handicap Accessibility

We strive to make the Stampede accessible for everyone. A limited number of handicap parking spots are available towards the front, but they fill up fast. If you need assistance, our volunteers are ready to help with golf carts or to assist you in navigating the terrain. The grounds can be rocky and uneven, so if you’re with someone in a wheelchair, let a volunteer know. We’ll ensure you get to where you need to go safely. For mobility-impaired guests, it’s best to stay at the top of the stands and take caution when navigating to lower sections. If you’ve never been to Reunion Grounds, when you walk in you are already positioned at the top of the stands giving a full 360 view of the entire property and making it easy for all to see. 

The stands and crowd at the hood county stampede

Have Fun, Cheer Loud, Help Our Cause

The most important tip is have fun! This is a charity rodeo and our goal is to raise the most amount of money to be donated to this year’s beneficiary, the Beau Bear Foundation, while having a good time with the community. Buy raffles, merchandise, engage in the entertainment, cheer loud for our contestants, and more. 

We hope these tips help you prepare for an unforgettable time for a great cause at the Hood County Stampede. See you at the rodeo!

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