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Turning Pain Into Purpose Introducing Our 2024 Beneficiary

The Hood County Stampede's Board of Directors selected the Beau Bear Foundation to be the 2024 beneficiary. The Beau Bear Foundation, is a compassionate organization that supports grieving families after the tragic and sudden loss of a child.

Blurred background of a gravestone with the Beau Bear Foundation logo

While the Hood County Stampede is able to step in and meet a variety of needs that affect children and families in the local community, we select a sole beneficiary to donate a majority of our proceeds towards to make a larger impact. That beneficiary this year is the Beau Bear Foundation. They are a living example of turning their pain into purpose. Proceeds from the 2024 Hood County Stampede Charity Rodeo and the Diamonds & Denim Fundraising Gala will be donated to this foundation.

The Mills Family & Their Story

The Mills family is a family of 6 who has learned to function as a family of 5. In 2020, they lost their youngest son Beau in an accidental drowning. They were consumed with grief, overwhelmed with things that had to be done after losing a child, trying to hold a marriage and a family together. However, a community of people, family, friends and complete strangers, provided them with meals, household goods, paid for medical bills, helped them fill out paperwork and plan a service for their son. This groundswell of support and love helped bear the burden. It allowed the family to focus on grieving by removing some of the load that comes from such a traumatic tragedy.

This experience was a catalyst for turning their pain into purpose. The Mills family wanted to provide such comfort and compassion to other families facing the loss of a child. They founded the Beau Bear Foundation and it soon became their mission and vision to pay this forward and alleviate some of that all too familiar weight, in any and every way that they can to other families who may find themselves facing the tragedy of losing a child.

The Beau Bear Foundation: Reaching Out to Grieving Families

The Beau Bear Foundation is now a non-profit organization with a heartfelt mission: to reach and bless families who find themselves grappling with the unimaginable pain of losing a child. The foundation was born out of compassion and a deep conviction to help others dealing with emotional trauma.

What Does the Beau Bear Foundation Do?

  1. Financial Aid: The foundation stands as a beacon of support for families facing the sudden loss of a child. They provide essential financial aid to help cover medical bills, funeral costs, and other related expenses.

  2. Support & Resources: Grieving families often feel isolated and alone. The Beau Bear Foundation understands this firsthand. They connect families with counseling, emotional support, and other resources to help them navigate the difficult grieving process.

  3. Family Essentials: In addition to emotional support, the foundation assists families with everyday needs. From household essentials to cleaning services and groceries, they aim to ease the burden during this challenging time.

You’re Not Alone

If you’re currently experiencing the heartache of losing a child, remember that you’re not alone. The Beau Bear Foundation has walked the same path and is here to stand in the gap for your family. Their goal is to provide relief through financial assistance, emotional support, and essential resources. If you know a family in need, you can submit their information to the foundation for consideration.

More Ways To Support & Connect

In addition to buying tickets or sponsorships to the Hood County Stampede Charity Rodeo we encourage you to connect into this amazing organization. Follow them on social media, get involved in other fundraising opportunities, and more.

Help Support Our Beneficiary

Mark your calendars, learn more here, and get tickets here to the 2024 Hood County Stampede Xtreme Bareback Charity Rodeo on Saturday, May 25, 2024 at Reunion Grounds in Granbury, TX.


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